Tofurky Tuesdays

The Tofurky Company “Tofurkymobile” has blazed its way on an around-the-world cyber tour that began in July 2008. To date, the Tofurkymobile has traveled over 659703 miles and made 83.27 complete circumnavigations of the planet, all fueled by 39982 consumer pledges to eat meatless every Tuesday.

According to Jaime Athos, PhD, Turtle Island’s Manager of Environmental Affairs, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by going meatless just one day a week is equal to the amount released when you drive the average car 16.5 miles.

Athos estimates that the “Tofurky Tuesdays” campaign has helped reduce approximately 97,885 pounds of CO2 gas emissions, while also showcasing Americans’ increasing awareness of animal rights and the growing number of appealing meat-free options now available to mainstream shoppers.

Our 2008 Tofurky Tuesday campaign saw a huge swell in participants as we approched the holiday season. We’d like to see the same thing happen again this year. Please show your support by signing up for Tofurky Tuesday . When you sign up you receive: information on vegetarian eating as well as free publications featuring veg eating (from VegNews, Vegetarian Times and the Vegetarian Resource Group).

Keep Pledges Coming

Reducing the amount of meat you eat daily has many positive personal and environmental benefits . Make your meatless pledge today! We will keep track of pledges and report the number of times that the Tofurkymobile travels around the globe.





Did you know?

“Tofurky Tuesdays” campaign has helped reduce approximately 97,855 pounds of CO2 gas emissions.