Traditional Tempeh

Tempeh is a cultured cake of beans and/or grains that has been a staple food in Indonesia for centuries. It is made by cooking and dehulling grains and inoculating them with a culture called rhizopus oligosporus. The product is then incubated overnight at the tropical temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time the beans or grains are covered with a thick, white mat of mycelia that binds them together into a solid cake.

The next day, our tempeh is harvested at the peak of its flavor, (before the dark spots of sporulation appear), steamed to make it ready to eat and packaged for shipping.

Like the making of cheese, yogurt or other fermented foods, it is the incubation process that makes tempeh delicious and digestible. Tempeh contains antioxidants, isoflavones, saponins, fiber, protein and every required amino acid. Tempeh aids digestion and boosts the immune system.


Organic Five Grain Tempeh

"The Original Multi-Grain Tempeh" in the USA, and the best! Made with soybeans*, rice, millet, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, it is also gluten-free.





Organic Soy Tempeh

Our basic and best selling tempeh. Made using traditional Indonesian methods, this gluten-free, Organic Soy Tempeh cake is versatile enough to fit into almost any recipe. Made with organic soybeans and gluten-free.






Did you know?

Tempeh aids digestion and boosts the immune system.